AVP Panel

The AVP panel can be used for wall application and features pencil ribs, providing improved aesthetics to the building design.


ShadowRib™ is a 3″ deep panel that combines aesthetics, economy and function to bring definition to metal structures. ShadowRib™ has multiple panel attachment and coating options.

Designer™ Series – Flat

The Designer™ Series 12.0 Flat Panel offers an attractive panel that is ideal for architectural applications and can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

eco-FICIENT® Grand V

The eco-FICIENT® Grand V wall panel employs a flat appearance providing a monolithic look that is great for high-profile architectural applications. The eco-FICIENT® Grand V can also be installed with The eco-FICIENT® Grand H to create a unique architectural aesthetic.

eco-FICIENT® Grand H

The eco-FICIENT® Grand H has a flush appearance that provides a monolithic look and offers design flexibility and can be installed with The eco-FICIENT® Grand V to create beautiful architectural aesthetics.

eco-FICIENT® Royal

The eco-FICIENT®Royal panel is designed for interior wall partitions, interior ceilings and exterior wall applications. The appealing flat exterior and interior skins have a Light Mesa profile.

eco-FICIENT® Classic

eco-FICIENT® Classic offers a traditional and classic lined panel with a wide array of gauge and finish options for a custom-design.

eco-FICIENT® Vintage

The eco-FICIENT® Vintage panel creates a look that resembles old-world hand plaster. The Vintage’s Panel utilizes concealed clips and eliminates thermal short circuits.

eco-FICIENT® Summit

The eco-FICIENT® Summit wall panel features a stucco-embossed light mesa profile with a wide array of coating options.

eco-FICIENT® Insulated R Panel

MBCI’s eco-FICIENT® Insulated R Panel is versatile in industries such as architectural, agricultural, commercial and industrial. Insulated metal panels allow for fast assembly times and easy installation.

eco-FICIENT® Interior Partition & Ceiling Panel

The eco-FICIENT® Interior Partition & Ceiling panel is the optimal choice for interior partitions and interior ceilings. The interior and exterior panel faces are identical images with the same profile for each.

eco-FICIENT® Insulated 7.2 Panel

The eco-FICIENT® Insulated 7.2 Panel allow for fast assembly times and easy installation, resulting in reduced construction labor costs and earlier business starts.

eco-FICIENT® Insulated HPCI Barrier™

The eco-FICIENT® Insulated HPCI Barrier™ back-up panel serves as the buildings continuous insulation and completely supports outside the structural materials.

eco-FICIENT® StoneWall

The eco-FICIENT®StoneWall panel is designed for exterior applications where an aggregate look is preferred. The exterior skin of the panel is embossed flat, while the interior skin has the embossed Light Mesa profile.


The PBR panel is commonly used for a wide variety of architectural, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.

Artisan® Series

The simplicity of the Artisan® Series panel is its best design feature. Uniform dimensions and a clean appearance allow the designer to plan modules, eliminate complicated pieces and follow wall curvatures.


The Corrugated metal wall panel features an exposed fastening system.


FlexLoc® is the recommended product for the designer who wants a barrel vault with a smooth look (no standing seams) and horizontal lines instead of vertical. It’s ideal for curved applications or soffits. FlexLoc® is a non-structural panel.